snowball fight 1              Now begins the peak of the tourist season in Hokkaido. However, there may also be people who shy away from visiting as they have never experienced skiing or skating. I recommend such people enjoy a snowball fight. There are no difficult rules and no equipment is required; it’s a simple game in which you roll up a ball of snow and throw it at your opponent. You can play in teams and throw snowballs while moving. The snowscape before you is your battleground, so a variety of rules can be considered.


              Snowball fights can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. In fact, an international competition is held in Hokkaido each year. The Showashinzan International Yukigassen (Snowball Fight) has been held since 1989 and will be held for the 26th time this year. Last year saw 25,000 attendees watch the 128 teams participating in the general division and 20 teams participating in the women’s division. Qualifying matches are held on the first day with the semi-finals and final held on the second day. The number of foreign teams is also increasing year by year.


              Click on the YouTube video links below to watch some intense snowball fights. The video titled “SM i Yukigassen 2010 / Swedish Yukigassen Championship 2010” was created by a Swedish student and conveys a particularly realistic experience. If you are a Muslim not familiar with the snow, this new strategy may make Hokkaido your top candidate for travel.



snowball fight 2