Takoyaki was born in Osaka in 1933 and has now become a street food that is loved all over the world. Japanese takoyaki contains diced octopus of course, however it is not uncommon to see stores in Asia that use shrimp, chicken, squid, and crab as ingredients.


       Although many Japanese think it’s best to use octopus as the main ingredient in takoyaki, takoyaki actually originated from “radioyaki” created in Aizuya using konjac and beef gristle. Moreover, radioyaki seems to have been a dashi-flavored dish served without sauce and mayonnaise that could be enjoyed both hot and cold. Some people may know this as Aizuya was featured in the “Oishinbo” manga.


       Takoyaki descended from the original radioyaki and can now be eaten in Tokyo as well as its birthplace of Osaka, so let’s have a closer look at where to get it. There is an Aizuya store in Tokyo’s Odaiba Takoyaki Museum. To get there, take the Yamanote Line two stations from Tokyo Station to Shimbashi Station and change to the Yurikamome Line. Travel five stations from Yurikamome Line Shimbashi Station and get off at Odaiba Sea Side Park Station; the Odaiba Takoyaki Museum is a 2-minute walk from there. A conveniently located Aizuya store in Osaka is located on the 4th floor of Universal Walk adjacent to Universal Studios Japan.


       Please note that soy sauce is added to bonito dashi in creating the dough, so we don’t recommend takoyaki to those who require full Halal compliance.



Odaiba Takoyaki Museum