Ramen is the epitome of Japanese food. The soup can be made with a soy sauce, miso, and salt base, but it is the pork-based variant that has been the most popular in recent years. So, it is unfortunate for Muslims that they can very rarely eat ramen these days.


Kappou YAMA's Halal ramen
Kappou YAMA’s Halal ramen

Kappou Yama has developed Halal ramen in an attempt to overcome this situation. Kappou Yama’s development of Halal Japanese food and their acclaimed Made in Japan Halal Jam exhibited at the recent Food Expo in Hong Kong are still fresh in our minds, so without further adieu, I report to you about Kappou Yama’s Halal ramen.


Halal ramen party
Halal ramen party

Kappou Yama held a Halal ramen event. A total of 40 Muslims and representatives from two media outlets were present to taste Kappou Yama’s salt-based ramen made without any pork and alcohol. The soup is prepared with chicken, beef, dried bonito, and flying fish, etc., without the use of pork, and the noodles are provided by Malaysia’s Momotaro Foods Sdn Bhd.


Muslims ate Halal ramen
Muslims ate Halal ramen

Ramen is easily the most common Japanese food that Muslims want to eat. The guests at this Halal ramen event included a person who “ate ramen for the first time in their 35 years” and a 10 year-old child who stated “I was always told that I can’t eat ramen, so I’m happy that I could try it today”. Everyone agreed the ramen was delicious, and all guests left satisfied.

Kappou Yama will also exhibit at the Japan Halal Expo 2014. The content of their exhibition may just be determined by your requests!

Japan Halal Expo 2014