geisha experience
geisha experience

Sumida Ward had invited 20 Muslim guests who are living in Japan for the “Walk around Sumida ward / Japanese cuisine restaurant / geisha experience”.

Sashimi, Tempura, Sushi, Nimono, Sukiyaki and Desert were served, all in halal in-gredients.

The majority of Muslim participants said they liked sukiyaki best.
After the chef provided a thorough explanation of the ingredients and the cooking method, the participants commented that they were able to enjoy the food with a peace of mind.

The geisha entertainment experience was a first for all of the participants, and every-one was fully satisfied with the program, not forgetting the interesting communication exchange with the geishas. Participants were excited about informing this experience to their friends.

Gearing up toward the Olympics 2020, Japan will engage in active preparation for the visiting tourists.

The companies that provided food ingredients for this event can be checked from the link below: