One year has gone by since the start of HALAL MEDIA JAPAN operation. For this section, we are going to introduce the access ranking of the articles up to this point. Through this ranking, we can see what our Muslim friends are looking for in HALAL MEDIA JAPAN.

********** No.10
Muslim’s experience story: Solpisca (muslimah salon)
muslimah salon 'Solpisca'

Japan is known as one of the leading fashion/beauty oriented country. We had a great response on the experience report of “Solpisca、Lala-san” which opened with the motto of wanting to provide a place where Muslim people can safely enjoy fashion and beauty.

********* No.9
JAPAN HALAL EXPO 2014 was held

The JAPAN HALAL EXPO 2014 definitely served as the signature event of last year. The event was filled with energy and excitement from the very start. We heard many Muslim visitors saying that they were looking forward to this event for a very long time. We would like everyone to look forward to this year’s second Expo as well.

******** No.8
Halal dumplings: Nikko-Ken interview

A restaurant that experienced a surge of hot-buzz starting second half of last year called “Nikkoken” located in Sano city, Tochigi Prefecture came in on the 8th place. Although the restaurant is not halal certified, through word of mouth, Muslim gyoza lovers from far places comes out to this place on daily basis. We are hearing many people requesting this restaurant to open in Tokyo area as well, so it will be interesting to see what future holds for them.

******* No.7
Halal Ramen Party
Kappou YAMA's Halal ramen

The halal ramen party held at “Kappou Yama” that introduces new halal products on monthly basis came in on the 7th place. A ten-year old child attended the event on that day and left a heart touching comment to staffs by saying “I’m so happy I can eat ramen which I normally is not allowed to!”

****** No.6
Opening of halal teppanyaki restaurant in Ebisu!!

The superb dish of halal teppan-yaki in Ebisu that was also very popular at JAPAN HALAL EXPO 2014 claimed the 6th place. There were a lot of Muslim people deeply impressed by expressing comments like “for us, this was the first time ever to be able to try out the wagyu (premium beef made in Japan)”. The menu is being changed on seasonal basis so we definitely recommend you to go check out the restaurant on multiple occasions.

***** No.5
Halal Bento Tokyo: Top class hospitality for Muslim people
halal bento tokyo

Premium quality “Halal Bento Tokyo” made by another staple halal washoku restaurant “Kappou Yama” came in on the 5th place. Please check out the video that shows how the bento gets heated when pulling the string attached on the bento.

**** No.4
Halal “Shin-ramen” is now available in Japan
Halal Shin ramen

We received a floodgate of response when we introduced the Korean halal ramen! Only HMJ will go as far as to provide viewers with information of where they can buy them. We also cautioned the buyers that the inside content of the package may be different even if the ramen packs are being sold at a same supermarket as a same brand.

*** No.3
SEKAI CAFE: A café suitable for everyone

Sekai café which is now considered to be a staple spot came in on the third place. During its grand opening in November 11 of last year, we had people visiting the cafe from Indonesia saying that they heard about it on “HMJ”. Sekai Café which provides food and drinks that can be enjoyed by not just the Muslim visitors but by people of all back ground, is definitely a recommended place for anyone who is visiting Asakusa.

** No.2
Halal Chinese Restaurant’s report: Tokyo Muslim Chinese Restaurant
Tokyo Muslim Chinese Restaurant

Halal Chinese restaurant that is also rare in overseas came in on the second place. The comment that stood out was when Muslim customers who happens to be eating at the restaurant upon our visit, told us how it was their first time ever tasting the Chinese food and that how much they loved the taste. We received many thank you emails with comments saying that only HMJ can achieve a kind of prompt visit to the hot-buzz restaurant right after its opening.

* No.1
The list of Halal Restaurants, Bento and Online store in Tokyo

The list of halal restaurant, bento, online shop around Tokyo area claimed the title of the first place. Although a list of Halal and Muslim friendly stores are being issued by Japan tourism agency and local governments lately, we believe the big response was mainly due to our introducing of Japanese food through this article as the main article content.

The above are the top ten rankings. We thank you for always giving us your patronage.

We would greatly appreciate your continual support for HALAL MEDIA JAPAN.