Select In Sano ekimae
Select In Sano ekimae

Sano is about 1.5 hours from Tokyo.
It’s a city located in the southwest region of Tochigi prefecture. The city has a population of 120,000 people, and in recent years, the city became known for “Sano Yakuyoke Daishi (monk dispelling bad lucks)”, Sano ramen and outlet mall. Since there are mosques in Sano, many Muslim people live in that area. The city is also very famous for cricket.

As the recent news, the business hotel located in Sano called “Select In Sanoekimae” has prepared amenities for Muslim guests. The hotel will provide the following services:

  1. Rental of mats and compass.
  2. Providing of halal corresponding breakfast
  3. Taking order of halal corresponding bento
  4. Providing meals through tie-up with halal corresponding restaurant “Nikkoken”.

*Advance reservation is required for meals

When you go visit Sano, why don’t you go to Nikkoken (halal ramen/halal gyoza) and “Select In Sano ekimae”?

For this time around, we held an announcement party in January 18. We’ve invited 20 Muslim guests from Kanto region and had them experience Sano including their hotel stay.

We first went to go visit “Sano Yakuyoke Daishi”. The term “yakuyoke” means to get rid of bad lucks.

These are the photos of rice cake pounding event called “mochitsuki taikai” and Japanese traditional games. They told us that it was their first time experiencing “mochitsuki taikai”.

mochitsuki taikai
mochitsuki taikai



[Supporting companies]

  • Kappo Yama(previous post)
  • Nikkoken(previous post)
  • Halal Food Online Shop [Smile∞Infinity] In Japan
  • Yukiwa Shokuhin (halal toast)
  • Solpisca(Beauty Salon for Muslimah)
  • Samurai RA-MEN(halal ramen)
  • KENKO-JYUKU(halal Baumkuchen)
  • Chabacha-Honpo

Let’s come visit Sano as we continue to place our utmost effort in corresponding to Muslim visitors.