In Izumisano city, a region that Kansai airport is located in, “Maruk,” which means “blessing” in Arabic, opened in March 2016. They granted a HALAL certificate by Kyoto Halal Council.

There are requests from Muslim people who wish to enjoy Japanese bento while watching cherry blossoms in Japan. This is the reason why they decided to sell HALAL products. At present you can order bento by making reservation 2 days in advance. Seasonings and ingredients are cooked carefully and the taste is well-seasoned to suit the taste of Muslims.

The featured product is HALAL bento (1,200 JPY, without tax) supervised by “Kappo Sakamoto” that has one star of Michelin Guide, a guidebook rating excellent hotels and restaurants. They cook pea rice and onion sauce of grilled salmon using local ingredients. They plan to open another stores in Kyoto in the future.

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