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Halal Certified Bread
Halal Certified Bread

Obtainment date: November 24, 2014
Certifying organization Turkey HALAL DER (HEALTH, SAFETY & HALAL ASSOCIATION)
Certification No T/HSC-032

Certified product

  1. HALAL bread 4 items White Bread, High Grade Bread, Durum Wheat Bread, Whole Wheat Bread (obtainment of confectionary production/sales license for bread sales ;August, 2014)
  2. Fresh breadcrumbs 13 items fresh breadcrumbs (home use) 5 items, commercial use 9 items
  3. Dry breadcrumbs 7items Home use breadcrumbs 2 items, commercial use 5 items
  4. Flour 4 Items Soft/Low-Gluten Flour, Hard/High-Gluten Flour, Durum Wheat(Semolina) Flour, Whole Wheat Flour
  5. Potato starch 2items

About HALAL certification
Since our company uses plant-base ingredients for our breadcrumbs, we have received a development request for breadcrumbs being used for the production of Turkish dish “kofte”. In carrying out such development, we have traced back and confirmed the origin and plant-base of all of our ingredients in an English text.
The audit for production control was conducted through the standpoint of ISO 2200 conformance (Scheduled for 2015.6M obtainment), establishing a rule for control/method of drug use inside the factory, thorough control of CCP, etc., and documents such as application form/HALAL HAND BOOK, etc. were all audited through an English text. Through such audit, we were able to obtain certification for the entire production of products/articles inside the factory.

Since the staple food of Muslims is bread, the Muslim auditor who came out for the audit was very concerned about the fact that Japanese bread is in violation to the haram standard. So when the auditor conducted further sample-tasting upon glancing at the rounded top bread being used for our company’s breadcrumbs, he was thoroughly impressed. Our company has been developing breadcrumbs by prioritizing “quality” over “quantity” with the motto of “delicious breadcrumbs comes from delicious bread”, and by making sure that the round top bread being used as the ingredient for the breadcrumbs is HALAL.
By earning recognition for such effort, we received a request to produce bread targeting the inbound Muslims. We also went ahead and obtained license for production/sale of confectionary. Although we decided to have 60 days expiration period for raw breadcrumbs in the breadcrumbs category, for breads, we decided to make their expiration period 30 days for the sake of preserving their flavor (even though they are kept under the same control environment as breadcrumbs). We decided to commercialize these products so that inbound Muslims and Muslims tourists visiting Japan can enjoy these food with peace of mind, and in hope of such experience to further strengthen their positive view toward Japan.
We also obtained this certification due to our desire to want to express “Omotenashi” to our Muslim friends, by providing products that uses breadcrumbs, flours, and potato starch considered to be washoku culture ingredients that can be used for various menu with peace of mind.

Modification points
Confirming the origin of all of the ingredients and removal of animal base ingredients
Removing animal-base and contamination from the original state of all of the ingredients.
All of the certification application forms are written in English.
Japanese translation of HALAL HAND BOOK used for employees training and thorough training of employees.

Selling point
<Bread, breadcrumbs>
About the fact that our production based on our principle of “in order to make quality breadcrumbs, we must first bake quality (delicious) bread” has also lead to us being able to come up with delicious “bread”. (We believe breadcrumbs should play a supporting role and not the main role- a role of gently coating the bread to make it more delicious)
The product can safely be enjoyed by vegetarians and parents who have children with allergy, since the ingredients are all plant-base with no allergen (no use of egg/milk base ingredients).
<Flour, potato starch>
Since there is absolutely no use of animal-base ingredients at any of our factories, the ingredient for our derivate product (flour) and other product (potato starch) are plant-base and therefore are completely in line with HALAL standard. With that said, we obtained certification by undergoing audit to ensure safety in the area of “environment”, “control structure”, “production process” and “employees training” for our small bag production.

At HALAL EXPO held in November 26, 2014, we were able to gain many opinions by directly talking to Muslim participants. Below are some of their voices:

  1. Although Japan is safe and secure country with many delicious food, when it comes to bread which are our staple food, we can’t really eat them since we know various additives are being mixed to make them taste better, and we don’t know what’s been put inside these bread.
  2. Since there are large selection of bread types, it is impossible to look up and find out about each and every ingredient source.
  3. Since any bakery you go to, they all use cooked bread, we are worried that they are using ingredients that are pork-base and contaminated.

By listening to the above opinions and more, we felt very happy to know that in some small ways, our future providing of bread and breadcrumbs based on such bread are going to contribute toward serving the need of inbound Muslims.
We also heard many opinions from people who are in the industry of “lodging facilities (hotel)”, “food maker’s ingredients”, “food/beverages facilities(restaurants, etc.)” that accept foreign travelers/exchange students/etc. who are increasing on continual basis, along with opinions of people related to such industry.

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