Halal certified drink will be on sale!

①Please tell us the characteristic of your company and products (what you want to promote).

We produce specialty soy sauce by fermenting and maturing using a traditional “natural brewing” method.
We aim to construct “HALAL products” using a manufacturing method closest to natural as possible with such characteristics and concept as the standard.


* “Alcohol-free soy sauce” … Instead of chemical decomposition by “hydrochloric acid decomposition,” which is commonly used in producing HALAL soy sauce, we worked on natural production using “natural brewing method” along with “authentic brewing method” without using any additives. Moreover, by using alcohol-fermentation, we reduced the alcohol level to almost 0% using our own patented technology, and were able to completely eliminate “sodium benzoate,” which is a commonly used additive, by aseptic filling (Corresponds to the standard of alcohol 0.02% or less in the Middle East area)

  • “sukiyaki sauce” … Developed with the alcohol-free soy sauce as the base as a sauce to be used in sukiyaki, teriyaki, and as a sauce for rice.

* “RICE MILK” … drink made using glycated rice and rice malt.
zero-sugar, zero-alcohol, zero-salt
Targeted towards women as Japanese Beauty Beppin’s
It can be used as a replacement of sugar in sorbet, sweet egg roll.


②Please tell us the reason you decided to acquire HALAL certificate.

While bringing into view the many Muslim markets existing world-wide, we are aiming to improve our products in a long span in the future. We are still paying our tuition fees in terms of performance, but we plan to have a wide range as a corporation and making this the concept.

③Please tell us if there are any recommendations for serving the products.

“Alcohol-free soy sauce” … Can be used as a sauce or in simmered dishes
“Sukiyaki sauce” … Can be used in sukiyaki, chicken teriyaki, and sauce for rice
“RICE MILK”…Can be used warm, cold, or frozen instead of sugar in sorbet, yogurt, pudding, and sweet egg roll.

④Please tell us your accomplishments at MIHAS exhibition.

“RICE MILK” is “zero-sugar” “zero-alcohol” and “zero-salt,” and particularly popular.
We think that it may be comfortably accpeted because there is a similar drink called Tapae.
It was referred to as “drinkable infusion” due to is “detoxing effect” as a “fermented food product” .

⑤ Where can we buy the products?

Currently, the “alcohol-free soy sauce” and “sukiyaki sauce” is available for sale online.
“RICE MILK” is scheduled to be released in June.



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