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This time we introduce contents of cooking class.

Soup and three other dishes

・Home cooking course
Contents: Main+Side dish+Miso soup+Rice+Drink

・assortment of Sushi course
Contents: Rolled sushi+Hand-rolled sushi+Chirashizushi+Drink

・Osaka Special Dish course
Contents: Okonomiyaki+Takoyaki+Drink

Above three course have in common

Fee: JPY 7,500 + tax
The required time: two-three hours

*Add another dish(Vegetable dish) + JPY 2,000
You can make another dish with vegetables of the seasons.
* Add another dish(Meat or Fish dish) + JPY 3,000
You can make another dish with meat or fish.

Japanese-style sweets & Green tea course

Contents: Japanese-style sweets & Green tea
Fee: JPY 5,000 + tax
The required time: about one and half – two hour

*Add another sweets + JPY 2,000
You can’t choose a type of it.
*Add another sweets you choose + JPY 3,000
Please tell a type of it you want to make in making a reservation.

Don’t hesitate to tell that your request about food which you can’t eat because of your allergy or religion.


Level of halal

Foodstuff (Non-pork Dish/Halal washoku)
*We don’t use pork and foodstuff containing pork and pig-delivered foodstuff
*We check that foodstuff don’t contain pig-delivered emulsify, shortening, gelatin, collagen.
*We don’t use seasonings containing alcohol. Ex)Sweet sake for seasoning
*We use chicken and beef with halal sign.

Kitchen Tool
*We use dishes only for non-pork dish.
* We use dishes only for halal washoku.
*We prepare single-use cutleries if you want.

*We have free Wi-Fi.
*You can pray in a vacant room.
*We don’t have two rooms for pray but you can pray in rotaition.
*We lend a towel for pray.
*You can use a sink and bathroom.
*We prepare a sign about qibla.

Washoku Home Cooking

11:00-18:00(Need a reservataion)
Meeting&Dismissing place
Infront of STARBUCKS near Sakaisuji Honmachi Station, Exit No.12

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