We did the 1st commemorable interview to Muslim living in Japan.
He is Mr.T(anonymity) from Indonesia.

We asked that the Muslims living in Japan are feeling and how they lives in Japan.


– Where do you usually have dinner?
I usually have at restaurant. Mainly, at seafood restaurant, Italian restaurant.


– Which food do you usually buy, Halal products or anything else by checking ingredients?
I usually buy products by checking ingredients.
I use iphone Apps. It can check a food which is halal or haraam by iphone Apps.


– Have you ever eaten at a restaurant in Japan?
Yes, I have.


– What is restaurant’s name you went?
KURA SUSHI, KAPPA SUSHI, Saizeriya, and Indian restaurant.


– What do you think of that restaurant?
It is so helpful for us to write the ingredients at menu.


– Have you ever stayed at a hotel in Japan?
No, I have not.
When I stay in Japan, I stay at Guesthouse.
Because it is so expensive to stay at hotel in Japan.


– What is hotel’s name you stayed?
SAKURA Guesthouse in Gifu.


– What do you think of a hotel you stayed?
I’m glad it is possible to eat breakfast at only 100 yen.


– Where and what do you usually go to play in your free time?
at Shinjuku. Recently, I went to see the autumn leaves at Shinjuku Gyoen.

– What do you think of Japanese halal certification.
I don’t know about that.


– What do you want Japan to improve to be more convenient for Islamic?
About party.
Because we can’t drnik alcohol, and Tobacco smoke is filled the room.
And I bring the lunch box at the party.


– What is your favorite website?


The 1st interview ended.
We will continue to interview to Muslims in Japan in the future.
Stay tuned!


–If you have any questions (ex. an question to Muslim in Japan), you could ask us by comment or contact form.