Appealing point of Izuruhara Benten Ike Pond

Written by Hafizah Khusni san

 Sano city located in Tochigi Prefecture is famous with Yaku Yoke Taishi, Sano Ramen and Sano Premium Outlet. But did you know there is also a beautiful spot rich with nature and uniqueness? It’s called Izuruhara Benten Ike Pond.

 Located approximately 6km northwest of Sano city, Izuruhara Benten Ike is a pond of spring water welled up through cracks in Paleozoic strata limestone layer. The sight of maple trees on the other side and gracefully swimming carps in the pond are simply a breathtaking especially during autumn. The clearness of the water makes the spring of this pond elected in top 100 Selected Famous Waters of Japan designated by the Ministry of the Environment. A perfect power spot if you are looking for an escape from everyday’s hassles.

Carp, or in Japanese called ‘koi’, swimming in the crystal clear pond