Exhibitor Profile of Halal Expo Japan 2016

What is the feature of your company and the products?

This autumn, Chiba City will be introducing the “Muslim-friendly Map” for Muslims visiting Chiba. It will contain information such as Muslim-friendly food and attractions. In the map, we will be featuring useful information such as the halal restaurants, praying locations, Muslim-friendly salons etc. around the Chiba station and Kaihin Makuhari station. At the Chiba City booth, besides the map, we will be providing the latest information on access from airport and the city, and on things-to-do on a weekend by the beach or in the woods.


What is the recommended way of eating/cooking/using it?

Let us introduce some of the Muslim-friendly businesses in Chiba city area.
1. Japan’s first Muslim-friendly Hotel “Hotel Springs Makuhari”
There is a variety of cuisine including Japanese, Teppanyaki Hot Plate, Chinese etc. to cater to the wide range of needs of the Muslim customers.
2. Muslim-friendly Japanese cooking SURUGA
SURUGA does not offer only Japanese bento boxes, but also traditional Japanese culture classes. You can enjoy tea ceremony, aikido, Japanese traditional dance, Shakuhachi music etc.
※It is introduced in the “Experience” section in Chiba’s tourism experience compilation “Let’s have fun in Chiba 2016 Autumn edition”


What are you looking forward to in Halal Expo Japan 2016?

We want to introduce Chiba as a Muslim-friendly destination to the Muslims staying in Japan, and also those visiting Japan. We want to gather useful comments from the participants, such as what we should learn and improve on, and continue to be an area actively involved in Muslim-friendly activities.


Chiba has been preparing to welcome foreign visitors in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. We would like to omit all the inconveniences occuring from the different countries, religions, cultures and habits, and allow travellers to stay and experience diversity through Japanese-style hospitality. We want to create a comfortable environment for tourists. We will be revealing the “Chiba Muslim-friendly Map” at the expo, which compiles Muslim-friendly F&B outlets and attractions, so please come and visit us at our Chiba booth!

Chiba City Website (Introduction of promotion in foreign countries):



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