Exhibitor Profile of Halal Expo Japan 2016

Beverly Glen Laboratories, Inc.

What is the feature of your company and the products?

We have obtained ICRIC Halal Certificate from Iran.
Our skin care products are Designed in USA and Made in Japan. Using our company b.glen’s powerful skin-illuminating technology QuSome ®, active ingredients are delivered where it is needed, dramatically improving the effectiveness of skin care products. There are 8 skin care programs that corresponds to the 19 types of skin trouble.

Beverly Glen Laboratories, Inc.

Why did your company acquire Halal certification?

There are 16 billion Muslims, which is ¼ of the world’s population. By obtaining halal certification, we believe that there will be an effective boost for us when the Muslim women use b.glen products without any worries.

Beverly Glen Laboratories, Inc.

What is the recommended way of eating/cooking/using it?

b.glen has 8 skin care programs that corresponds to the 19 types of skin trouble faced by women.
The 8 skin care programs are freckles, skin pigmentation/crow’s feet, dark circles, sagginess of eyes/smile lines, face sagging, sagging pores, dull skin/wrinkles between forehead and eyebrows, neck wrinkles/dryness, fine lines/open pores, darkening, oily skin, blackheads/keratin/acne/acne scar, acne crater.

Beverly Glen Laboratories, Inc.

What are you looking forward to in Halal Expo Japan 2016?

Development of the Halal market in overseas markets such as Asia in general and the Middle East, new business development, and to look for buyers and agents.

Beverly Glen Laboratories, Inc.

Where can I buy your products?

You can buy it online at www.bglen.net (Japan) and at www.bglen.com (overseas).

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