On June 14th 2015, HMJ made a speech to 420 Japanese government officer on the necessity of Japan accepting Muslim people along with the necessity of providing halal food shops, restaurants, and prayers spaces. We told government officer to take visits to mosque and National university and gather information by actually communicating with Muslim people.
Upon actually talking to Muslim people visiting Japan, we came to believe that labelling ingredients in English should be given priority over acquiring Halal certificate. Also, we also received an insight that they need a simple, quiet and clean space for praying instead of being provided with overly luxurious private rooms. Rather than aiming to immediately perfect, while understanding the Muslim, we consider important step-by-step corresponding. We believe that local input is the most important.
In order to accept Muslim people, government officer in Japan are starting to study on Halal. However, many were confused on how to actually take actions due to overloading information from different organizations. We will be making a system for accepting Muslim people together with the administrative body. We will strive to make Japan a more livable place for everybody. We would like for everyone to enjoy their stay in Japan to the full extent.