Let’s go to Cat Island, Tashirojima!

Written by Yuni Nurul Azzizah
Tashiorjima, one of a kind, unique island that has more cat population than human. Located in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi. This is my first experience to visit this island, I wanted to visit it long time ago, but there weren’t any chance to go.

To go to this feline island, we need to ride on an hour ferry Ajishima port.
When we arrived, the cats welcome us with cute expression. The cats here are very friendly, even though they are wild cat type (not the pet one).

They like to play and spoiled, so we need to stop almost in every turn to rub their back and played with them.
It was very nice experience for us, skip for just a moment to the beautiful remote island give us more energy and indescribable calm, even our prophet Muhammad SAW, loves to play with a cat.
So, please come to this island, and feel the serenity.

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You can take a bus from Ishinomaki Station to the Ajishima Line-mae bus stop in front of the Ajishima Line ferry terminal (Please check the bus hour beforehand)
you also can ride a taxi from Ishinomaki station to ferry port
after you get on the ferry the travel time will be about 1 hour and stop in the second port (not the first one).
Ferry Timetable in Japanese

Movie clip

Feline island for your stress cure! (YouTube)

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