Written by Hafizah Khusni

Wear kimono while dining at Tanbaya restaurant!

Recently a traditional Japanese restaurant in Sano city, Kappou Tanbaya has started to serve Muslim friendly full course menu – from starter to main dish and dessert. But that is not the only attractions, they also provide ‘kimono wearing’ service for Muslim ladies. You can wear the kimono while dining in this restaurant!

My family and I decided to pay a visit to this restaurant yesterday. We love Japanese foods, and I am very excited to know that finally, after 6 years living in Japan I can try wearing a kimono on me!

We arrived there about 6:15 pm. Saori san, Tanbaya’s lady staff warmly greeted us at the entrance and lead us to a private room. After putting my things, Saori san brings me to another room to put the kimono on me.