Experience Okinawan culture while seeing the beautiful ocean

Muslim-friendly Destination, Okinawa

Okinawa has a unique culture and beautiful nature that could not be found in other places such as Tokyo and Osaka. Clear-blue sea is also such a thing. In Part 3, we introduce the places where you can enjoy the sea as well as Yomitan Village where you can stay in a house of local people.

Tourist Attraction

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Muslim-friendly Destination, Okinawa

One of the largest aquariums both in Japan and in the world. In a huge water tank named “The sea of Kuroshio”, you can see 8-meter-long whale sharks swimming elegantly. Next to “Ocean Expo Park” around the aquarium, there is Bise area where traditional houses and a row of Fukugi trees can be found.

Kouri Ocean Tower

Muslim-friendly Destination, Okinawa

It is a tower in Kouri island connected by a bridge with the Okinawa main island. Visitors get on the automatic cart from the gate to the top of the hill. There are shell museum and souvenir shop in the tower. From its observatory, you can enjoy the view of the main island and the blue ocean.

Busena Marine Park

Muslim-friendly Destination, Okinawa

In Busena Marine Park, you can ride a boat whose bottom is made of glass and see fishes living in the sea of Okinawa. There is also an underwater observation room where you can look into the bottom of the sea without changing clothes. Lucky people can see clown fish as well.

Yomitan Village

Muslim-friendly Destination, Okinawa

In Yomitan village located in the central part of Okinawa main island, you can stay at private houses and experience the lifestyle of local people. Recently, this village has been working so that Muslim tourists can stay without any worries. Yomitan village has “Gala Blue Ocean” where you can make salt from seawater and the ruins of Zakimi Castle which is a part of the World Heritage.

Muslim-friendly Hotel

Hotel Yugaf Inn Okinawa

Muslim-friendly Destination, Okinawa

This hotel has taken the lead in welcoming Muslim guests in Okinawa. Surprisingly, Halal shampoo can also be prepared in the room. Make a reservation at least 3 days before if you would like the Muslim-friendly services.

Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotel

Muslim-friendly Destination, Okinawa

This hotel in the central part of Okinawa main island offers Muslim-friendly meal and prayer space. Okinawan vegetable course of the restaurant won the first prize in “Muslim Recipe Development Contest” in 2016. From the restaurant and the guest room, you can look down the beautiful ocean.

NANMAMUI Nature Resort

Muslim-friendly Destination, Okinawa

Here you can try glamping (glamorous camping) that is a trendy activity. There are not only camp-style rooms where guests can sleep while feeling nature but also hotel-style rooms. Both rooms are recommended for those who want to enjoy nature while staying in clean rooms.

Muslim-friendly Destination, Okinawa

We have introduced “Muslim-friendly Destination, Okinawa” three times so far. How did you like this series? Okinawa has many other attractive spots, so let’s plan a trip to Okinawa!

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