Kimono experience is available near Nara station!

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“WaPlus NARA” Kimono and yukata rental shop, is now serving a Muslim friendly services. This shop is located near JR Nara Station, It’s only 3 minutes walk from the station.

There are a lot of variation of Yukata and Kimono that you can choose. They also have hijab that you can rent along with Kimono/Yukata. The hijab is made from Kimono fabric, so it will match the Kimono/Yukata perfectly.

choosing Kimono

After choosing Kimono/Yukata and the hijab, you can style the hijab whatever you like by yourself. They provide a private dressing room, so you don’t have to worry about being seen by other people. It’s completely safe!

this one!

After you finish with styling your hijab, they will help you to wear the yukata/kimono.
Yukata/kimono sleeves may be a little bit short, but don’t worry they also provide you a long gloves to cover your forearms for free.



Female staff also responsible for helping Male customer to wear Yukata/Kimono, but they will use a glove. So you don’t have to worry about the possibility of physical contact with the female staff.

kitsuke to man

In the shop, they also have a photo studio so you can take a picture while wearing Yukata/Kimono. Moreover, you’re also able to experience Japanese tea ceremony in the shop.
Price list:

  • 3500JPY course
    Yukata/Kimono rental (you may choose between wearing Yukata/Kimono while exploring Nara or take a picture in shop’s photo studio)
  • 5000JPY course (you have to make reservation first for this course)
    Same as 3500JPY course + Japanese Tea ceremony experience.
    With an additional charge of 1100 JPY you can take a picture in the photo studio and also exploring Nara while wearing Yukata/Kimono

tea ceremony

group photo

They have prayer space and prayer mat, so let them know if you need.


Kyo-roman Building 2F 6-4. Aburasakajikata-cho,Nara-shi,Nara

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