A comfy Kebab Cafe “Kebab Mekan Harajuku”

Writer: Rahmania Radjadi (www.rahmaniaradjadi.com)

Tokyo, Japan’s most busy city, a city where people around the world comes either for just a visit or for living. Food in Tokyo has a huge impacts from other countries too, not only Japanese food that it has, but also many food from different countries is available in Tokyo. Kebab is one of them and I observed that Japanese likes Kebab.

Most of the Kebab shop in Tokyo have an appearance of a small standing street food shop. But shop appearance can not be a determination factor whether the kebab is good and delicious or not. Shop
appearance only will be a plus factor for comfort while you enjoying the kebab. If you are looking for a comfort kebab place that you could sit inside the shop and have a little chats with a friend, Kebab Mekan maybe the place for you.


Kebab Mekan located in Harajuku, it’s so close with Harajuku’s famous Takeshita Street. The owner is a friendly Turkish who is living in Tokyo. The shop has about 12 seats with about 6 tables. They offer 8 menus for you to choose. We ordered 2 foods which are doner kebab plate and adana kebab plate. We did not ordered the kebab wraps because we taught we should have other menu than the common ones that every kebab shop has.

Doner Kebab Plate

Looks delicous and the portion is big!

I ordered this doner kebab plate for me. Initially I did not suspicious at all with the portion until the person who sat next to me got her order and I saw what was on her plate which made me realized I would not finished the plate alone.
Doner kebab plate offer you a plate with marinated grilled kebab chicken with a quarter slice of pita bread served with rice and salad. I could tasted the spices in this food, it was good. The price for you to pay to get one of this plate is 1000 JPY.

Adana Kebab Plate


The Adana Kebab Plate served as plate filled of a grilled lamb meat mixed with spices that made the meat taste delicious and a quarter slice of pita bread with rice and salad. The price for a plate of this menu is 100 JPY.
Other menu that the kebab shop offers is kebab sandwich and kebab wrap which as we know that these are the most common menu in kebab shops. The menu is not finished there, they also sells kebab bowl, chicken kebab plate, shish kebab plate and assorted kebab plate which is a combination between all the plate menus meats in a plate.

Now let’s talk about the price they have. To be honest, I’m not that happy with the price, but they made it up with the comfort situation for you to eat and the delicious taste of the food they have. The shop location is pretty easy to find, you could just take the train and off at Harajuku Station by the JR Yamanote line.

The Kitchen at the shop
Nice decoration inside with beautiful lamps

Kebab Mekan Harajuku

Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae, 3 Chome−21-20

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