Tama Densha, The Kitty Train!

Writer: Mufiedah Hadi

Who doesn’t love cats? This adorable little, fluffy creature has so many fans around the world! Especially in Japan, they even made a cat as a Station Master! Here in Wakayama you can ride the cat themed train and meet Nitama, the station master cat.
First, you have to go to Wakayama Station. It’s not too far from Osaka, it takes an hour and half to reach Wakayama Station from Tennoji Station (Osaka). When you arrive at Wakayama Station, first you have to pay the transportation fee from Osaka to Wakayama. After that you can go to Tama Densha Platform and buy the ticket there. If you want to meet Nitama the Station Master, you have to get off at the last stop, Kishi Station. From Wakayama Station to Kishi station it will cost you 400¥ vice versa, in other words you have to pay 800¥ for roundtrip. Therefore, I suggest you to buy one day pass, you’ll get unlimited themed train ride for one day only for 780¥.

oneday ticket for wakayama dentetsu

When you buy the ticket you’ll also get the schedule of the themed train. Besides cat themed train, Wakayama Station also have 3 other types of the themed trains, such as toy themed train (omocha), strawberry themed train (ichigo), and Plum flower themed train (umeboshi). Therefore, in the schedule you’ll find what time and which of the themed train that will come. From Wakayama Station to Kishi Station, there are 14 stops.

there are 14 stops

I went to Kishi Station from Wakayama Station rode the Cat themed train.

cat train! so cute!
cat painted on train
inside the tamaden

As you can see, they really put an effort to make this themed train. It’s super cute isn’t it?

cat on window

In this train, they also displaying a collection of Doraemon figurine.


When I arrived at Kishi station, I just found out that it was Nitama’s day off. So, when you’re planning to ride Tama Densha please make sure the availability of Nitama the Station Master, you can check it on their website. In Nitama’s day off, they’ll display the Station Master sleeping, so you’re still able to see Nitama though.

Nitama sleeping in the station

In Kishi station they have café, gift shop and a mini museum. Picture below is the Kishi station from the outside.

Kishi station

Each of themed train has 30 minutes interval, so if you don’t have plans at all rather than staying at Kishi station and do nothing, it’s better to take a walk around the Kishi Station. Actually they have several tourist attractions in the area. However, because I came during new year eve holiday, they’re closed.
I rode the Umeboshi themed train on my trip back to Wakayama Station. I love the Cat themed train better tho.

umeboshi train
inside the umeboshi train
inside the umebosh itrain

So, will you come to Wakayama to try these cute extraordinary themed trains?

Wakayama Electric Railway Kishigawa Line