“Monster Lab” held Halal Food Tasting Event

Do you know a company called monster Lab?

It is known as a company that develops smartphone applications and web services.
Since they values “Diversity”,foreign employees of Tokyo office workers account for about 20% now.
*Incidentally,nationality also extends to 12 countries,employees of Muslim are also enrolled.

This time as a part of mutual understanding,
they held an event to eat halal food in Tokyo office (150 employees from 12 countries)
with the theme of “Knowing Muslim culture with all employees”
※ It was held after the whole company meeting on 7th July 2017 (Friday).

From Official page

On the day of the event, they devised measures
such as preparing halal food and disposable tableware for Employees of Muslim.
Also, prior to meals, Muslim employees made a presentation about halal food for Mutual understanding.

In recent years, the number of companies that aggressively adopt foreign recruitment has increased,
but it is more important not to end only with employment but also mutual understanding like Monster lab.

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