A small cozy Turkish restaurant in Roppongi! “Antep Turkish Restaurant”

Written by Rahmania Radjadi (www.rahmaniaradjadi.com)
On a rainy Saturday, my husband and I decided to explore Roppongi to find any Halal restaurants that may or may nor available there. We rearely explore Roppongi because it pretty far from our home which is about 32 minutes train ride with 3 interchanges.

After roam around for about 30 minutes in Roppongi and a Don Quejote, we finally found a Halal Turkish restaurant there. The restaurant is not big, it has about 20 seats with 5 tables. When I walked in into the restaurant, I heard a loud trending music, saw a large TV for the guest to see at, and a clean kitchen.

We greeted by the seller, initially he thought us from Malaysia he speaked a couple Malay but after looking on our confuse face he finally said ‘Ah, Indonesia!’, which made my husband and I laughed. He let us to choose our table, after looking on a huge menu on the hallway into the inside of the restaurant. I decided to order a mix kebab wrap and my husband ordered a kebab don. It’s not that we don’t want to order other menu, we saw some menu that we completely unfamiliar with. Also we were so hungry after looking for a halal place in Roppongi walking in the rain, we don’t feel any disappointment of choosing the wrong menu.

The Seller

The restaurant have all 500 yen menu which is pretty much kebabs menu in regular size. After waiting for less than 15 minutes, our food was served.


Mix Kebab Wrap

The kebab wrap is a mixed between chicken meat, beef meat, cabbages, and sauce wrapped in a tortilla kind of wrap. As usual, I chose hot sauce for my sauce and the hotness is not kidding, it is hot. And because of I ordered the mix one, the kebab wrap I got is truly large and the inside is so packed with chicken meat and beef meat also the cabbage. Every bite of it is thick and deliver a delicious mouth watering.
The price to get one of this kebab is 600 Yen for chicken kebab wrap, 700 Yen for Beef and mix kebab.

Mix Kebab Don

The mix kebab don is a bowl of rice poured with kebab sauce, beef, and chicken meat. The density on the menu on this restaurant is not kidding. This restaurant did not playing with their menu, it’s packed and satisfying. This kebab don has a portion that is more than enough to make you full.
The price to get one of this kebab don is 500 Yen for chicken, and 600 Yen for beef and mix meat.

The other menu

They have some serious grill menu like the adina kebab and mix grill. They also have some looking good salads that looks delicious. Also they have real Turkish Ice cream for desserts. Not only that, you also get a free soft drink for every meal you order.