Daily DIY Halal Breakfast Part 2

Written by FARID PUTRA (www.faridputra.com)
So, from the previous article, I have introduced you to the DIY (do-it-yourself) preparation for halal breakfast with the sweet category of meal ideas. And today, I will explain to you the second part of halal style DIY light meals for breakfast. This time is all about the regular type of quick preparation food which can energize you throughout the day.

Regular type of light meals.

When it comes to breakfast, the easiest and quickest meal to prepare is for sure the eggs menu. Morning western meal such as scrambled egg and fried egg with toasted bread or chicken nuggets is my favorite. You could find several kinds of halal bread and chicken nuggets on Nissin Delicatessen supermarket near Azabu Juuban, Tokyo.

Especially if you are living near that store area such as in Meguro-Ku, Shinagawa-Ku, Shibuya-Ku, they will deliver your order with reasonable price to your door. The good scrambled egg you can make it with mixing with a little bit of dairy cream or milk, then cook it with some nice unsalted grass-fed butter on frying pan. The seasoning just as simple as adding a little bit of salt and pepper. I recommend the Anchor brand for the butter, imported product from New Zealand which you could get it online on Amazon Japan. Most Indonesian people also could find this kind of butter in their home country, with halal signature on it.
But as long as it has the same ingredient and the same brand, it should be safe. Grass-fed butter is very great for the body because it has a great healthy fat containing omega 3, vitamin A, D, E, K2, antioxidant and definitely boost your energy. If you want an upgrade your fried or scrambled egg sandwich, the alternative is an omelet. For the omelet cooking, mix some eggs with slices of an onion, tomato or sweet chili and add seasoning like salt, white pepper, and black pepper, then fry it with the vegetable oil or grass-fed butter on the pan. Push the cooked portion from the edge to the center, and give it some flip until it is finished. Depends on what is your liking, some people will cook well-done, some will cook medium-half like Japanese style omelet. Last but not least, sprinkle the granulated parsley or basil to the omelet.
Besides the regular type of light western style meals, I recommend you to cook Indonesian food ‘Nasi goreng’ or fried rice for more satisfying breakfast time and serving the egg menu to replace the toasted bread or nuggets. Variety of fried rice cooking technique, but my favorite and easy way to do that is using cooked brown rice and fry it with the butter or veggie oil, put some garlic, shallots, nasi goreng mix such as ‘Bamboe’ or ‘Indofood’ brand and add some Indonesian sweet soy sauce ‘Kecap

manis’ (also available in Nissin supermarket, etc.). Cook until all mixed together and there it is, the delicious fried rice serving on the table.
The last thing, if you want some Japanese touch of breakfast, the light and simple enough menu to prepare is a set of miso soup and a raw egg for ‘Tamagokake gohan’ which is a mix of beaten eggs plus seasoning such as soy sauce to serve with a yummy Japanese white rice. But if you do not like a raw egg, just bring some salmon flake from your local supermarket, eat it with the rice and miso soup. Done.