Muslim Fashion with Beautiful Japanese Pattern

Japanese kimono or yukata have beautiful pattern, which makes women who wear it look pretty and elegant at the same time. By using those pretty pattern, a Japanese company called WATASI JAPAN LLC started to produce and sell hijab along with other Muslim fashion items, with the aim to Muslim women enjoy the beauty of Japanese pattern on their outfit.

Representative of WATASI JAPAN LLC, Mrs. Nawa had experience living in Malaysia that allow her to directly connect to Muslim culture. While living in Malaysia, the thing she was concern about is hijab. Hijab has various of colors and ways in wearing it, Muslim women look beautiful with their hijab. Mrs. Nawa thought that if Muslim women wear fashion item that has Japanese pattern, it will make them more stylish and fashionable. Based on this idea, she started produce Muslim fashion item by using Japanese pattern from kimono and yukata.

Hijab with Japanese pattern (made from kimono material)
Hijab with Japanese pattern (made from kimono material)

Hijab above is made from kimono silk, it is soft and airy. It is available in pashmina, so Muslim women could experience various way in wearing these hijabs.

WATASI JAPAN also produce and sell their own original design, cherry blossom pattern hijab.

Cherry blossom pattern hijab
Cherry blossom pattern hijab

Same as kimono pattern hijab, it has soft touch and airy as well. Plus the cherry blossom pattern is so cute. It is available in 2 colors and look gorgeous if combined with daily outfit.

Not only hijab, they also have attractive long cardigan with kimono and yukata pattern too! Kimono pattern one is made from kimono silk and yukata one is made from cotton material, so it feels light and airy.

Long cardigan made from yukata (left) and kimono (right)
Long cardigan made from yukata (left) and kimono (right)

A set of hijab and kimono (same pattern)
A set of hijab and kimono (same pattern)

They made these items carefully to produce good quality one. Most of the items only has 1 pattern which make it one in a million!
From now on, Watasi Japan will expand much more item with Japanese pattern for Muslim! Let’s looking forward for it!

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