Aizome, the Japan Blue

Aizome is combination from “ai” means “indigo” and “some” means “dye”, literally means “indigo dyeing”.

Products dyed with Aizome appear with beautiful and magical indigo blue, which has been known as one of the best known natural colors in the world.

Aizome products lining up
Aizome products lining up

To produce perfect blue color, fabric for Aizome mostly use natural-made fabric on dyeing process. So not only the beautiful blue color, its texture is soft to the skin and give comfort to the user.

Aizome product, especially Hijab, is now becoming a hot topic in social media. Its deep blue color and its unique pattern attract many eyes to pay attention into it.

Some Aizome’s hijab
Some Aizome’s Hijab

And the good news is these beautiful Indigo blue products brought by Ai no Yakata (Kyoto) will exhibit on Halal Expo 2017!!
(Halal Expo 2017 will be held on Nov 21 – 23)

The thing needed to keep in mind is it only has 1 pcs per pattern, so grab it fast!!

Using Aizome hijab
Wearing Aizome Hijab

There will be Aizome professional with his works. Besides Hijab or scarf, there will be Aizome hats, tops, bottoms, and many more in the booth.


Other Aizome’s products
Other Aizome’s products

Visit us on Halal Expo Japan 2017 and get your Aizome!

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