Halal Beef from Zenkai Meat

Getting Halal Japan beef was quite difficult that makes Muslims living in Japan preferred to purchase exported Halal beef, which is mostly from Brazil and Australia. But now, Muslims can taste Halal Japan beef provided by Zenkai Meat!

Zenkai Meat is a factory located in Kumamoto Prefecture that is specialty in meat processing and sales. The factory is obtaining ISO9001-HACCP and of course, Halal certification from Indonesia, to provide not only delicious and safety meat, but also offer halal meat, so Muslims can enjoy Japan beef in relief.

Halal beef from Zenkai Meat can be purchased via online from Amazon!!

Halal Beef
Halal Beef

And the good news is,
You can have free tasting of Zenkai Meat’s halal beef on Halal Expo Japan 2017 Nov 21-23!
Enjoy delicious halal Japan beef in Halal Expo!