Cherry Blossom Forecast 2018

The popularity of blooming cherry blossom (or called “sakura” in Japanese) during spring, brought millions of travelers to visit Japan.

It is quite tricky to see cherry blossom in full-bloom, because this pink flower has short blooming period.
So, during its short-live period, it is highly recommended to check the forecast regularly to find the best time to see the beautiful cherry blossom.


Basically, cherry blossom starts to bloom in Okinawa, the warmest area in Japan, then move gradually to Hokkaido in the north. The average time of cherry blossom’s bloom may vary depending on weather.

Forecast announced on February 1st, 2018


According to Japan Meteorological Corporation on its website, cherry blossom will start to bloom in Tokyo predicted on March 20 and reach its full-bloom on March 28.

In Osaka, cherry blossom will start being seen from March 26 and full-bloom on April 3. Meanwhile in Kyoto, it starts from March 27 and full-bloom on April 4.
Furthermore, cherry blossom will start to bloom on the latest is in Hokkaido in northern Japan. In Sapporo, it starts on May 3 and peak on May 6.