Variety of Halal Foods at Gyomu Supermarket in Ashikaga, Tochigi

Written by : Reni Rahmawati

As a Muslim, we need to be careful to choose foods. The development of muslim-friendliness in Japan, especially the efforts of Gyomu Super that serving halal foods in reasonable price, is very helpful!

One of Gyomu Super in Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, besides of its location in strategic area next to Yasuyamabe Station on Tobu Line Isesaki, has some more variety of halal products that rarely found in other Gyomu Super branch.

Gyomu Super near Yasuyamabe Station
Gyomu Super near Yasuyamabe Station

Most popular product that is available almost in every Gyomu Super’s branch is frozen meat, such as chicken meat – that available in 2kg and 1300 g, ready-to-eat karaage – very suitable especially for karaage lovers, and frozen beef in availanble in 500 g.

Frozen chicken meat in 2 kg
Frozen chicken meat in 2 kg
Frozen beef
Frozen beef

Besides of meat products, this Gyomu Super also has halal bread and ingredients mostly used in Indian food.



But, the difference with other branch is, they are selling other kinds of halal foods such as halal pho noodle, rice paper, and powder drink!



Susu kental manis

Various of halal dairy products available in gyomu supermarket itself is sweetened condensed milk available in can and liquid milk available in carton package. They also have halal powder drink such as creamy cocoa drink.