Non-touristy and low cost itinerary you should try when visiting Japan

What we normally do when we are planning to visit Japan is visit popular spots and restaurants recommended by travel books or sites. But to experience the Japanese culture and atmosphere, you don’t always have to wear a Kimono or stay at a Japanese traditional house. You can also experience Japan in non-touristy way like local people live on a daily basis.
In this article I want to share you my experiences on how I spent my days in Japan in a fun, inexpensive and non-mainstream way.

1. Do Get Lost in the Neighborhood

Enjoy every little detail you encounter
Enjoy and experience every little detail

You don’t have to go far to feel and see the uniqueness of Japanene culture and atmosphere. Just walk and roaming around your neighborhood (around your hotel or guest house). You might come acrross few traditional houses, small but authentic Japanese gardens, little shrines, unique cafes, lines of vending machines, and many more. You will never know, you might find spots and shops that are actually might turn into some instragrammable pictures.

2. Japanese Manhole Covers Hunting

Find your favourite design!
Find your favourite design!

Japanese manhole covers come in various designs, colors and forms. We actually found one of the manhole covers above when we got lost around Shitennoji Temple. I found this activity very exciting. And the brilliant thing about this, it cost nothing! I will most likely do this again, if I get the opportunity to visit Japan again.

3. Take Purikura

Purikura is Japanese photo booth and produce the prettiest photos. The photo booth divided into 2 parts. First you have to take photos, then you can move to the “sketch” corner right next to the photo box, to write and draw, put stamps and choose pretty frame onto your photos.
The space is a bit cramped, so once you’re inside you need to be ready with your pose, because the camera will start clicking right away. You can have your photos both printed and sent to your E-mail. You can find Purikura at department store and game center. Find Purikura, have fun and make memories!

Budget: Cost around 200–400 yen

4. Play at Japanese Game Center

Try Japanese game center to upgrade your gaming skill!
Try Japanese game center to upgrade your gaming skill!

Japanese game center is known as Gesen, shortened from game center. I often visit game center in my home country, but it’s not the same with Japanese game center. Japanese game center offers the most unique and most fun arcades.

Budget: Each game going to cost you around 100–500 yen

5. Get a Gachapon

Attach them to your bag or smartphone
Attach them to your bag or smartphone

Gachapon is a capsule toys vending machine. There is a wide variety of capsule toys you can choose. For me, Gacha is a thrilling and much fun. I found Gachapon is addictive, so watch your spending. Get Gacha capsule toys as a unique souvenir for you and your friends.

Budget: Cost about 100 yen to 300 yen

So, those are 5 out of 11 non-touristy things to do in Japan. This is the end of part 1, thank you for reading this article. Please continue to read the second part of this article, here. See you in part 2!