Muslim Hospital Yubisashi!

Going to a country that using completely different language with yours might be challenging for some, but also full-of-worries for some. You may speak in the language, but it might be difficult if it comes to specialized word and terminology, especially related to medical terms.

In medical terms and situation, misunderstanding in diagnosing a symptom will lead to inappropriate treatment and may cause symptom getting worse. That’s why, convey the symptoms correctly is a must, but it becomes difficult due to language barrier.

Considering about it, Ryomo Muslim Inbound Development Council based in Sano city, Tochigi Prefecture, published guide called “Muslim Hospital Yubisashi” in four languages (English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Urdu) and very easy to understand.

It helps doctor to know what kind symptom patient is feeling and helps patient to say the symptom correctly as well, that leads to appropriate medical treatment.
※ Contents written on Muslim Hospital Yubisashi are checked and confirmed by doctors.

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Printed yubisashi is planned to be distributed widely, especially to hospital and foreign citizens/tourists related organization such as Embassies, started from Sano city and surroundings.

With Muslim Hospital Yubisashi, you have no need to worry to go to hospital!

If you have any idea or anything to contribute in promoting or making Muslim Hospital Yubisashi better and better, please kindly contact to Ryomo Muslim Inbound Development Council below.

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