state of halal study session
state of halal study session

       A halal food study session held at Kappou Yama. A total of 40 people including 20 Muslims, 10 government officials, and representatives from 5 media organizations gathered to participate in the tasting and kitchen tour held by Halal Japanese-style restaurant Kappou Yama.


       We enjoyed a tour with commentary from the chef of Central Kitchen which has actually acquired Halal certification. After that, we were able to enjoy the Halal dishes while receiving an explanation from the company providing the Halal ingredients and the chef. It was also the first time the Muslims participating in this event were able to enjoy Japanese food despite living in Japan for over 20 years; this will increase their expectations for Halal food in the future.


       In the future, Kappou Yama will deliver Halal Japanese bento (boxed lunches) made at Central Kitchen to individual homes as well as provide them to Japanese companies with Muslim workers as a welfare benefit.


[The menu of the day]

– Tatsutaage (meat flavored with soy sauce and cooking sake, coated with dogtooth violet starch and then deep fried)
– Egg custard
– Chirashi-zushi (a style of sushi where the topping is placed on a bed of rice, in a bowl)
– Tempura
– Simmered vegetables
– Simmered mackerel in miso
– Powdered green tea pudding