As we reported recently, the first full-scale Halal Expo is set to be held in Japan. This will be the first time Japan has held such an international Halal seminar with participants from multiple countries, and the Expo will also feature an exhibition and trade fair of Halal-certified Made in Japan goods. The Expo will be held on November 26 and 27, 2014 at Makuhari Messe which is located close to Tokyo Disneyland.

As its title of “Made in Japan Halal & Visit Japan” suggests, this Expo will encourage foreign visitors to Japan as well as introduce Halal products from Japan. The easing of visa restrictions is expected to bring about a significant increase in the number of Muslim visitors to Japan and the organizers hope to make Japan an even more enticing destination by introducing the Halal products being created one after another in Japan under the same roof.

So, I would like all Muslim visitors to provide the exhibitors with feedback on the exhibition and trade fair at the Expo. Have a look around the booths and write down your thoughts on the taste, prices and packaging along with any other requests you may have on the questionnaire form. Muslims living in Japan are likely to become customers of these exhibitors in the near future, so your opinions are extremely valuable.

We at Halal Media Japan plan to create a special Expo webpage where you can leave feedback and comments for each company. The page will be online both before and after the Expo, so please post about your impressions of the Expo and help communicate this event to the Muslim world. I hope everybody is as excited as I am about this Expo that is finally being held in Japan!