Yodogawa Christian Hospital in Osaka is serving HALAL food.

“Details of the HALAL Plate menu”
・Prawn in chili sauce
・Lentil pate
・Vermicelli salad
・Seasonal fruits
・Lettuce soup

Selected HALAL ingredients are cooked in an officially approved kitchen, so you can enjoy the food without worries.

*Ingredients, along with all equipment and utensils such as table wear, cooking utensils, food storage, catering vehicle, storage for sterilized utensils, etc. are HALAL, and all process from delivering food to cooking, serving, clearing tables, and storing tableware are HALAL-friendly. People in charge of cooking are educated on HALAL at all times, and the kitchen is made in an independent occupied space.

■What made us start HALAL approach
Our hospital is currently approaching towards an internationally contributing business with the belief that, as a hospital established in a poor district of Japan following the war in 1955 by missionaries from overseas, we have a mission to provide appropriate medical service to patients from overseas and foreign people residing in Japan. We are in cooperation with Osaka University International Medical Center, and prepare documents such as interview sheet and consent forms, and are offering HALAL food as a part of accepting patients from overseas.
Also, we are a Christian hospital operated by a religious cooperation; therefore, teaching Christianity through medicine is our mission. However, if, for example, not being provided with appropriate “food” and “a place to pray” is becoming an obstacle for people that believe in other religion that require medical service, we believe that answering to their needs as much as possible and caring them in our hospital to strengthen cultural exchanges will lead to our mission.

■Dedications and accomplishments to date
We are seeking for menu arranged in a Japanese style.
For people with low appetite, menus that meet the request is provided by having a nutritionist visit the ward.
We have been thanked by patients that they were glad they chose HALAL food.

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