Hello,everyone! I’m Mai Hieda , the CEO of TSUTAU Co. Ltd,.
I’ve established my company on July, because I would like Muslims to enjoy Japanese delicious food more!
Now I study how to adapt Japanese homemade dishes to Muslims at home.


By the way,It’s autumn season once again and it’s getting colder, that’s the reason why we wanted to eat warm dishes.Tonight, I cooked “Oden”, a traditional Japanese food which is boiled and seasoned with variety of ingredients such as radish, fish paste, konjac, and boiled egg into the flavored soup.


Then I wanted Muslims to eat Oden. So I checked the label of Oden set at super market. But….
Unfortunately, the Oden set includes pork and gelatin. I can’t buy.Next, I checked each ingredient packages. But I got confused by fuzzy label explain… I can’t buy.Then, how about the minced sardine ball !?I thought sardine balls were made from fish, only to find out that they have lard. I was so shocked and disappointed.All the fish paste ingredients for Oden were not halal food. I’ve realized that I bought only 2 items made from soy beans.

Another big problem was how to make soup. I can’t use Mirin and Sake, those are traditional Japanese seasonings.I made Dashi soup out of Kombu (sea weed) and Katsuo-bushi (dried bonito) and added soy sauce.But I felt something is lacking …yes, “Umami”, the key taste in Japanese dishes.

I couldn’t put any fish paste ingredient so there’s just a little umami flavor. Radish, boiled egg, potato, konjak and sea weed were included.Then I put a spoonfull of beet sugar. Oh, better!
So I got carried away and put another, then … I failed. Ha ha…

I must say that I couldn’t cook well without the use seafood’s Umami taste.How should I cook in the next time? Making fishing paste by myself is too difficult.Shall I change the taste with Miso ?! Anyway, I’m still considering how to cook delicious Oden for Muslim.I wonder how Japanese Muslim women cook Oden. If you have any good idea, please tell me!

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