On 25 November, 2015, TSUTAU Co.,Ltd. (Mai Hieda, CEO of TSUTAU Co. Ltd, Head Office: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo) released “HALAL RECIPES JAPAN”( http://www.halalrecipes.jp/ ), a free recipes information website to introduce recipes that were arranged Japanese home recipes with non-pork and non-alcohol components for Muslim people.


“HALAL RECIPES JAPAN” is a free recipes information website of Japanese home recipes, mainly as for those of Japanese foods, with non-pork and non-alcohol components, in order to let Muslim people (“Muslim” hereinafter) enjoy those recipes, for the reason of contraindications such as food restrictions.
In accordance with the “Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO)”, a number of foreign people visiting Japan in October 2015(A number of tourists visiting Japan: Estimated figures) reached to 1,829,000 people, increased at 43.8% compared to the figures in October of a previous year, especially 16,000 people from Indonesia where are most Muslim people in South and East Asia, increased at 37.9% compared to the figures in October of a previous year, and thus, a number of Muslim tourists has increased steadily.

On the other hand, there are still few restaurants available for Muslim, to be needed attention on food for the reason of the religion, and also, the understanding of Halal food which is available for Muslim has not enough spread.

Upon this situation, firstly by offering food recipes and food information available for Muslim, we released a recipes information website this time, in order to spread the understanding of halal food in Japan and offer an occasion to let restaurants and hotels accept those.

Furthermore, by means of introducing multilingual system to use an automatic translation function, we would like Muslim living in Japan to cook Japanese home recipes by themselves.

Hence, for expanding recipes to be aware of “Season”, feature of Japanese food and increasing places where Muslim tourists and people living in Japan are able to enjoy food, we shall also start “Menu development support business for restaurants” as the new business to tie up with Nikkoken, a limited private company (Owner: Dainari Goka, Head Office: Sano-shi, Tochigi Prefecture) today.

Specialized recipes website for Muslim people, ”HALAL RECIPES JAPAN” http://www.halalrecipes.jp/