We posted an article of ‘Oasis in Shopping Mall -Prayer room in Namba-‘ written by Teguh-san before.
Prayer rooms in Osaka Station City opened, too!
Here’s a official press of prayer rooms in Osaka Station City.

Our OSAKA STATION CITY (JR Osaka Station) has had initiatives intended for foreigners visiting Japan, such as upgrading of international visitor-directed Wi-Fi spots. We are now pleased to announce that, to provide a more comfortable environment for international visitors, we will open “Prayer Rooms,” the first of its kind in the JR group, in “South Gate Plaza” directly connected to JR Osaka Station, and will operate the Prayer Rooms as a facility which, regardless of religion, anyone can enjoy using.

<< Facility outline >>
1. Planned opening date: October 22 (Wed), 2014
2. Operating hours: 11:00 to 19:00
3. Location: “South Gate Plaza” on the 1st floor of South Gate Building (directly connected to JR Osaka Station)
* Please come to “Osaka Station City Information” (“OSC Information”) before using. An OSC Information attendant will show you to the rooms.
4. Facility outline: we will provide separate prayer rooms for men and women, and will set up in each room a “Wudu Place” where one cleans her/his body before prayer and worship.
5. Information: described in 4 languages (“Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean”)

In addition to this, the Osaka Station City has had the following initiatives for international passengers visiting Japan. In this coming October, a month frequented by international visitors, we make available at OSC Information informational brochures or floor guides compiling foreigner-oriented, recommended products and benefits offered by OSC commercial facilities, and look forward to seeing you at Osaka Station City.

Matter Initiatives
Tax-free counter/shop
  • LUCUA (about 90 shops), JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan (the 2nd basement), Daimaru Umeda (the 2nd basement)
  • Muslim-friendly menus offered by ”Ukihashi” and “Fleuve” on the 19th floor of Hotel Granvia Osaka
  • Pork-free menus offered by ”Hageten,” “Uosa” and “Hakkakuan” on the 16th floor (the restaurant floor ‘Umaimono Plaza’) of South Gate Building
  • Introduction of telephone interpreting service utilizing tablet terminals in “OSC Information” (from 10/1)
  • Wi-Fi guest code distribution (free of charge) and mobile router rental (chargeable) at “OSC Information”
  • The setting up of the foreigner-oriented Wi-Fi spots “JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi” (each ticket gate in Osaka Station, “OSC Information,” “Toki-no-hiroba Plaza,” “South Gate Plaza,” “Carillon Plaza,” “Atrium Plaza”)
  • Distribution of brochures compiling foreigner-oriented attractive products and benefits offered by the commercial facilities in Osaka Station City (from 9/24)
  • Voice-guided tours of Osaka Station City (English, Chinese, Korean)