JKT48 members continue traveling in Kyoto. Kyoto is an attractive city where we can feel the weight of history.

“THE ICHIBAN” is a TV program that is being broadcasted by RTV, Indonesia now. In this program, JKT48 members travel to look for “No.1 in Japan” in various regions of Japan. They try to find out attractive spots such as “the oldest”, “the biggest”, “the most famous” in Japan, that matches a given picture. The host of the program is Dwi Andhika, a drama actor, and Haruka Nakagawa joins in every episode.

People living outside Indonesia can watch this video in official website. This website also contains the collections of deleted scenes and photo galleries. Please get access to “THE ICHIBAN” website!

Kyoto – THE ICHIBAN Official Website:


This time they start from the portal of the city, JR Kyoto Station.