at Foodex Japan
Japan Halal products

       The curtain has just closed on Foodex Japan with great success which we recently introduced in this column. As the exhibition was held after Japanese cuisine was registered on the intangible cultural heritage list, the exhibits of Japanese companies with a view to export overseas stood out in particular. Halal products from around the world were introduced, and companies aiming to involve themselves in Halal in the future strived to collect information from foreign companies.


       Meanwhile, the booths featuring Japanese Halal products attracted a great deal of attention. Around 20 kinds of made in Japan Halal food from seasoning such as soy sauce, miso, and mirin-like seasoning, to sweets such as okaki (rice crackers), ice cream, and sponge cake were exhibited. All the Halal-certified products independently produced by local companies were highly unique.


       The challenge of made in Japan Halal food is strengthening communication to Muslims; the products are still lacking in appeal such as product promotion, packaging, and suggestions for how to enjoy the product. HMJ will introduce some of the unique products produced by local SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). We plan to feature products which receive a significant response from readers in feature articles.