The first lot of exhibitors for the Japan Halal Expo 2014 to be held in approximately 2 months has been announced. 21 companies have been announced and a lineup rich in variety can be confirmed at this early stage. Halal Media Japan will shortly launch a special website through which to introduce the products of the exhibitors.

The “forum bringing together parties from several countries” and “Japanese Muslim interactive exhibition and business discussions”, to be held for the first time in Japan, have been the focus of attention of foreign and domestic buyers. Consumers have had little opportunity to participate in business discussions in the past, and it has therefore been difficult for buyers to gauge the reaction of consumers.

However, as the theme of this Expo is very practical, buyers will be able to negotiate with exhibitors while gauging the reaction of the consumers at the Expo. Moreover, the visitors to the Expo will consist of Japanese Muslims, potential customers in the near future. Buyers will be able to interact with the visitors from a marketing perspective, surveying them on aspects related to taste, packaging, and price, etc., and asking them about their desires for the future in order to obtain sample data.

We are currently receiving applications from companies to exhibit products that have just received Halal certification, as well as products that are in the process of obtaining Halal certification, at Expo. There are also many companies that will unveil cosmetics, premium chicken, and sweets to the market for the first time at this Expo, which is likely to bring about increased attention. Buyers interested in participating in the Expo should contact the Expo secretariat ASAP.