We received a messege from SEKAI CAFE. They have a halal food souvenir corner in their shop.
The message is below.

Hi all! Since we have opened the cafe a month ago, it has been warm welcoming from customers.
We are pleased to announce that we have a souvenir corner in the shop.

・Samurai Ramen (Non animal products / Non alcohol)
・Muso Castella (Honey flavor/ Halal)
・Muso Castella (Matcha flavor/ Halal)
・Muso Castella (Brown sugar flavor/ Halal)
・Cokkie (Halal)
・Okaki (Halal)
・Real Power Energy Drink(Halal)
・Kochi Ice (Halal)

Halal Gift at SEKAI CAFE
Halal Gift at SEKAI CAFE

Please check out our upcoming information!

We are also welcome to those company or agency who would like to do test marketing.