Written by MAYA & KOHARU


Hello, we are MAYA&KOHARU.
We are both second year university students who are actively studying halal.

“SEKAI CART will come out to your town!”
SEKAI CART is a moving kitchen car operated by SEKAI CAFÉ.
SEKAI CART -Halal Kitchen Car-
*All foods are prepared at SEKAI CAFÉ.

We have some Muslim friends and they all tell us that food situation in Japan is very inconvenient since they can only eat special bento or dine at special restaurant.
We are operating kitchen car that provides halal food based on our desires of “we want to provide hospitality to Muslim friends by further spreading halal food in Japan! We want to make Japan more comfortable place for everyone to live!”

We are looking for places where we can do business by using the kitchen car!
Although it will be limited within 23 wards of Tokyo, we will greatly appreciate it if you can invite us to places like your university and mosque.
In order for us to be invited, we need everyone’s help. We would greatly appreciate it if you can refer us to the people at your university and mosque.

If you are interested, we are ready to head out to your way and make a deal anytime.

SEKAI CART will head out to places by bringing delicious food that will make everyone happy!
Of course, we want Japanese to try the food as well!

SEKAI CART is ready to come out to your location any time!
We want to thank you in advance for your consideration!

Please contact here.