Written by Sk. Nishat Abdullah-san

The Manhattan Fish Market
The Manhattan Fish Market

Hearing the name “Manhattan Fish Market” I thought it would be a restaurant of fish only. I was astonished to find a number of delicious dishes containing chicken. Though the sea foods and fishes held the majority of menu, the options were widened for me. The wide entrance with beautiful decoration even up to deepest part of the restaurant along with enthusiastic staffs waiting in front of the restaurant drew my attention. The entrance gave me an impression about world standard of the restaurant.
The menu card I got, was decorated in an elaborative manner and described the foods in terms of spice, taste etc. The attractive pictures of these dishes stimulated my appetite. Though each dish served did not contain large amount of food, the satiety could be achieved. However, they seemed a little expensive. This restaurant does not serve the Alcohol and thus keeps maintaining an Islamic Environment. However I think the long list of soft drinks served here are delicious enough to eliminate the desire for drinking alcohol even if any non Muslim person enters into the restaurant.
I saw a father and mother visiting their son who is now working in Japan came to this restaurant and were taking dinner together. The happiness in the face of the muslim family drew my attraction and it reflected in my mind with a great impact. This is the muslim culture to enjoy dinner together with the members of the family. This gives them the peace and it is recommended that eating meal together increase the bondage between the members of a family.
The continuous rock music kept the environment lively. Though the internal environment was like party, I think it did not hamper the peaceful religious mind of a Muslim.
In Tokyo, usually the halal restaurants contain smaller space and are not always gorgeous enough. They are mostly like tiny, calm Japanese restaurants. But, if some Muslim wants to enjoy dinner with “Halal” menu with lot of fun in an aristocratic environment, he or she can visit “Manhattan Fish Market”. As far I know this is the International food chain shop serving Halal foods for Muslim people in different countries.
I would like to share with my friends that Manhattan Fish market is such a place where you can really pass some happy time even with your near and dear ones.