Japan Halal Expo 2014 Press Conference
Japan Halal Expo 2014 Press Conference

A Japan Halal Expo 2014 press conference was held on September 25 at the Makuhari Messe. The conference was fully occupied with a total of 26 news organizations and 11 exhibitors present, and attracted an unusually high level of attention for an initial event.

Yoshichika Terasawa, chairman of the Expo Executive Committee, President Hj Burhanuddin Md Radzi  from Expo sponsor Les’ Copaque Production, and Akihiro Shugo, representing Halal Media Japan, enthusiastically reported on the current status of the exhibitors.

So far, 30 exhibitors have been announced, with around another 20 expected to participate, and the Expo hopes to attract 5,000 visitors during the two days.

President Hj  also talked about the possibility of small improvements resulting in instant market expansion, citing the case of Tokyo Banana which contains gelatin.

 Japan Halal Expo 2014 Press Conference
Japan Halal Expo 2014 Press Conference

He passionately spoke about Japanese hygiene, food safety, and reliability with respect to taste. Our  company will open an Halal Restaurant in Japan.

The official characters of the Expo were also announced (Les’ Copaque Production)

Later that night, the press conference was covered by World Business Satellite, a program watched by many Japanese businessmen, so expansion of the Halal market in Japan can be expected.

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