Tokyo Aladdin Tour
Tokyo Aladdin Tour

If you haven’t already know, Hato Bus is a well known sightseeing bus service, providing day trips to Tokyo’s best tourist destinations. In response to the increasing number of tourists from Islamic countries visiting Japan, Hato Bus is the first tour bus company to offer bus tours customised to food and prayer needs for Muslim tourists. This full day tour is known as “Tokyo Aladdin”.

The guided tour brings travellers to popular places of interests such as the Imperial Palace, Asakusa, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and the JR Shibuya Station Scramble crossing, etc.

For Muslims to enjoy touring Tokyo with a peace of mind, Tokyo Aladdin also provides lunch at a Halal certified restaurant with prayer time. The buffet lunch is located in Roppongi and the prayer venue is at the largest mosque in Japan; Tokyo Camii ( Employees have undergone relevant knowledge training, and is collaborating with Tokyo Camii and Halal certified restaurants, to make the tour possible.

“Tokyo Aladdin” is available only on Mondays and Fridays, known as The Asr Prayer Course and The Friday Prayer Course respectively. The tour will commence from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Both tours will be accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide. It costs 9,500 yen for adults and 8,500 for children aged 6-11. The tour will run until December 29 this year and will depart as long as there are five or more participants.

Last month, a group of Islamic Japanese embassy officials and students have joined them on a trial tour and Hato Bus have received positive reviews. Most of them have agreed that, it is the first time they could enjoy a tour with like-minded people and loved the experience.

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