Strawberry picking in Chiba

Are you looking to for some strawberry picking experience when you visit Tokyo? Located just 50 minutes away from Tokyo, Dragon Farm could be the perfect location for you to do so.

Here’s a short interview with Ms. Uchida, the owner of Dragon Farm.


(1) What made you open your farm to foreign visitors?

We didn’t used to accept tour bookings, neither domestic nor international travellers. However, since we have been receiving requests from local travel agencies, we decided to open our farm to welcome foreign visitors.


(2) How do you cater to foreign visitors?

Basically, we respond to E-mails and Facebook messages in English. Aside from enquiries about strawberry picking, we can advise about transportation from Tokyo and Narita, as well as information about other tourist facilities near our location.

For an English-speaking guide, our visitors are advised make this request in advance so that we can make necessary arrangements. If our visitors did not manage to make an advance booking for an English-speaking guide, we are still able to interact with basic English. Information about our farm is also available in English on our website or Facebook page at


Visitors can make their way here by train. For easier access to our facility, visitors may choose to book a tour from travel agencies. In addition, phone booking service is available for visitors who prefer to return to town by taxi.

Right now, we are also increasing the number of signage in English language to cater to foreign visitors.

Ready to pinck them?

(3) What are you committed to?

We want to show our visitors the right way to eat strawberries. It is a common knowledge amongst strawberry farmers, that the general public could be unaware of.

First, pick a strawberry and remove the hull. Next, eat from the hull end of the strawberry.

The point here is to remove the hull first, and finish the pointed end of the strawberry last.

The pointed end towards the tip of the strawberry has a higher sugar content, so it’s sweet, and the sour taste is at the hull end. Do try eating strawberries this way to savour both the refreshing sour taste and sweetness.

Last but not least, we aim to be a homely farm to all visitors; children, grandparents, visitors from abroad; solo or group traveller. We hope that any visitor would enjoy themselves during their stay at Dragon Farm.

Kids enjoying their hand picked strawberries

Our farm is located in Oguracho, Wakaba-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba prefecture.