Hotel Springs Makuhari is one of the most Muslim-friendly hotels in Japan. It has signages in each of their guest rooms pointing out to the place for prayer mats and qibla. Plus their buffet, Japanese restaurant, and Chinese restaurant all provide Halal menu. Hotel Springs Makuhari is one of the first few hotels to be certified as Muslim-friendly by the Nippon Asia Halal Association.

Hotel Springs Makuhari

A seminar was held in July 2013 during the opening ceremony, and over 170 attendees toured the Hotel Springs Makuhari facility. This was a great opportunity to draw attention to the start of a Halal-friendly Japan.

Halal food

Hotel Springs Makuhari are notable for the following three efforts:

  • As mentioned before, it is one of the first Muslim-friendly hotels in Japan.
  • Its Group company produces food plants dedicated to Halal food provision.
  • The foods produced at the plant are sold outside the Group company reaching out to more people who requires Halal food in the community.

the plant

The Halal food plant is a building for cooking food away from the hotel. The plant has taken the precaution of acquiring Halal certification from two national certification authorities, and has its mind set on catering externally besides providing food to the hotel. We hope that the plant also makes plans to export Halal Food Products Made in Japan in the future.


Hotel Springs Makuhari is the official hotel to provide rooms for buyers and guests from several countries in anticipation of Japan Halal Expo, held in November. The hotel located in Chiba city, aims to make the Makuhari area, the base for MICE, a main destination for inbound travellers, and it is no exaggeration to say that Hotel Springs Makuhari is not very far from its goal. If you’re coming to the Expo in November, it is definitely a hotel to stay over if it has been what you’ve been looking for. It’s just an 8-minute walk from the Expo venue, and shuttle buses run from the hotel to Narita Airport and Tokyo Disneyland.

Hotel Springs Makuhari
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