MY OUTLETS PTE LTD, a specialty retailer of halal foods, will begin test marketing of Made in Japan Halal Foods. Under the company’s Factory Direct Price policy, this will be carried out at Food & Beverage 2015, Singapore’s largest food fair, and at the company’s MY OUTLETS GLOBAL HALAL HUB base.

With six Japanese companies participating, and all 45 products, there will be up to about 2,000 items. For the four days of the fair, and for one month at the HUB, consumers will be able to actually try the food and give feedback to the Japanese companies about areas for improvement, with the intent of making it more likely that consumers will demand these products.

Such halal certified products as Sakura Jam from KAPPOU YAMA, Green Tea from UNOIKE SEICHA FACTORY, Zaru Chasoba from SHIGENO SEIMEN, and Yuzu Miso from YUZURIKKO, etc., will be exhibited.

In addition, as a Japan Incubation Program, non-pork and non-alcoholic products that are scheduled to apply for halal certification will be exhibited, including Dry Fruits “Mind of Orange” from SHEFTY INTERNATIONAL, Red Pepper Chili Oil from FWS Japan, as well as juice, jelly, marmalade, and dried fruit made from Ehime Prefecture mandarin oranges.

All are products that were very popular at the JAPAN HALAL EXPO 2014 venue. Will Singapore consumers react in the same way? With food samples and sales at each venue in Singapore, definitely please try before it sells out!!

Food & Beverage Fair S’pore 2015