Hospitality seminar with Muslim Students
Hospitality seminar with Muslim Students

The Groups planning to exhibit at the Japan Halal Expo 2014 in November held a Muslim hospitality seminar on September 1. The guests, 25 Muslim students, were shown the attractions of Asakusa, tried on yukata, enjoyed Halal Japanese bento (provided by Kappou Yama), and witnessed a powerful taiko (Japanese drum) performance.


A total of 150 participants from food businesses, food manufacturers, and local authorities attended this seminar with the purpose of considering hospitality through the opinions of Muslim students living in Japan. The participants engaged in panel discussion while interacting with the Muslim students in which they discussed methods of hospitality and market possibilities, building momentum ahead of the Japan Halal Expo 2014.


The Muslim students commented “I want materials that I can tell are Halal from the Halal mark”, “I’m happy I could eat Halal Japanese food”, and “I’m happy companies are trying to understand Muslims”. The organizer of this seminar also spoke of their aspirations to “increase the number of projects to please Muslims living in Japan in the future”.