Halal sweets
Halal sweets

We’ve hosted a “halal sweets party” at Kappou Yama in January 25, 2015.

About 100 Muslims living in Japan gathered for the party and enjoyed eating halal sweets made at halal kitchen.
You can check out halal kitchen at below link:
Halal Kitchen of Halal Japanese Restaurant “Kappou YAMA”

Example) Cake ingredients are as follows:
Ingredients (Japanese flour, Japanese butter, Japanese fresh cream, Japanese strawberry, Egg, Sugar, Mint)

Kappou Yama is not just a halal corresponding restaurant but is also a restaurant with top level quality of taste. Since they originally started out as a French restaurant, making sweets is one of their expertise genre. The sweets definitely made a solid impression on the taste bud of female Muslim guests. It was a testament to the fact that regardless of their nationality or religious background, sweets appeals to the women of all types!

Aside from the sweets, Japanese style halal curry and Japanese style pasta were also served at the party.
We heard many people say that although eating sweets in Japan is considered risky, they can eat it with peace of mind if it’s made by Kappou Yama.

In addition to their bento delivery service, Kappou Yama has also started a delivery service of halal cake to target the demand toward birthday celebration, etc.
Would you like Halal strawberry cake?

Sukiyaki party is scheduled to be held in February, 2015, and Shikoku’s seafood party is scheduled to be held in March, 2015.
The contact information is as follows:
Halal Japanese Foods Kappou YAMA
Halal Sukiyaki party.
Halal Shikoku food party
3-15-1 Uemine, Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater
Open from 7 p.m to 9 p.m by appointment only.
TEL:+81-(0)48-854-1170 E-mail:info@kappou-yama.jp